When trying to connect using MSN dial-up, any one of the following error messages appears on the screen:

·         Error 602: Port is already open.

·         Error 615: The port could not be found.

·         Error 617: The port or device is already disconnecting.

·         Error 619: Port is not connected.

·         Error 630: The port was disconnected due to hardware failure.

·         Error 633: The modem (or other connecting device) is already in use or is not configured properly.

·         Error 756: This connection is already being dialed.



1.    Restart the computer.

Note: Make sure to shut down the computer completely before you restart.

If you have an external modem, make sure to turn off both the computer and the modem at the same time. Restart the computer by first turning on the modem and then turning on the computer. This gives Windows a chance to detect your modem.

2.    Make sure that a modem is installed in the operating system, plugged in, and turned on.

a.    Click Start , click Run, type telephon.cpl, then click OK to open Phone and Modem Options.

b.    Make sure that at least one modem is installed.

c.    If the modem is external, make sure that the serial cable is plugged in to both the computer and the modem.


3.    Check to make sure that no other feature or device is using the same phone line as your modem.


                      I.        If your computer and your phone share a phone line:

a.    Your computer may have advanced telephony features built in, and these features may be interfering with connection attempts. For example, if the computer is functioning as an answering machine, interference may occur.

b.    Ensure that all telephones, answering machines, and other telephony devices that are connected to the line are hung up, try to again connect to the internet. If the issue is not resolved, go to Step 4.

                    II.        If you have separate phone lines for your computer and your phone:

a.    Make sure that the telephone line for the computer is completely hung up.

b.    Make sure that there are no phones off the hook and no answering machines or other devices have an active connection.

c.    Try to connect to the internet again. If the issue is not resolved, go to Step 4.

4.    Click here for steps to Optimize your modem settings

5.    Click here for steps to run modem diagnostics

6.    If you using MSN Connection Center software to connect to the internet, select new access numbers by following the steps here.

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