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When i log in through my MSN premium acct, you tube is telling me access to versions prior to IE7 will no longer be recognized.  When I log in through my IE acct, I'm updated through version 9.  Why isn't MSN Explorer more updated since I'm paying an annual premium?
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Hello EdLe,

This is a known issue that we're working on.


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Disqus is used for comments on many web sites. It stopped working with MSN recently, giving a message saying please use a modern browser. It works with IE9, which is puzzling since you state the IE is the backbone of MSN.

Reading other questions, there seem to be a lot of websites or features that no longer work with MSN.

I believe a lot of us are wondering what we are paying for.

When will these issues be fixed? Please escalate to higher management if necessary.
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I keep getting messages (PayPal, etc.) that my browser is not up-to-date and advises me to update my browser.  Is there a newer version of the MSN software?  I use "Windows 7" and "MSN Dial-up" Version 10.20.0091.1100  (my original account was through the dial-up software) to connect, but have it set to use broadband as I have a cable modem.  Will connecting using MSN Premium make a difference?

Otherwise, please advise me on how I can avoid this problem.


James Brammann
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Several web sites inform me that my browser (MSN Premium) is recognized as being Internet Explorer ver7and it out of date.  One web site nolonger supports IE7 and I cannot see it properly, and another has just informed me that at the end of the month it will nolonger support my browser.

Why is MSN Premium not updating to IE9?  Why is MSN Premium not utilizing the IE9 I have installed on my system?

This is not the first time I have asked this question.  I pay for this service.  I expect it to be up-to-date.  Or does Microsoft plan on ending MSN Premium service and like so many other MS products the paying customer will be the last to know?
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i am having a problems loading things from yahoo such as games.  I have read that there is problem when will this fixed  also on internet options is says that internet zone  protrction is off how do i get do i get it turn on  it was fine by about a month ago it changed  so what is up with this change
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When I open a web page while in MSN I get a message that states this browser is not secure or uptodate.
and sugests i use explorer, fire fox, or chrome. Do I have to update something for MSN with a more secure browser ? I dont understand why I would have to use other browers and not MSN ???
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Hello All,

We are aware of this and we are working on this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience cause to you all.


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This has been the reply for months and is not even a little helpfull or hopefull. 
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Hello --

Just in case you still want to know about websites affected....Legacy.com now pops up a message that my browser (MSN Explorer) is outdated.

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