If using Internet Explorer:

1.Open a browser and go to


2.Sign-in using your primary e-mail address and password.


3.. Click " Install Webroot® Spy Sweeper for MSNlocated under Quick Links and click "Install Now.

   Go to Step 4.

If using MSN Explorer:

1. Sign in to MSN Explorer using your primary e-mail address and password.


2.From the navigation bar, click Safety.


 3. Click "Webroot Secure Anywhere".


 Note: You must sign in with your primary e-mail address to download the software.

4. Before proceeding, write down the installation keycode provided on the download page.


5. Click on the "Download Now" link.


6. Click Run when prompted.

 7.Enter the keycode you wrote down in Step 4. Click "Agree & Install"

 8.Enter your e-mail address and click Continue.

      Note: Installation time will vary depending on your internet connection speed.


      9. "Start using Secure Anywhere" screen will be displayed once installation is complete.  


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