You see Error 680 when trying to connect to internet using MSN



1.    If you have voice mail service, clear all voice mail messages before you continue. This removes the dial tone stutter that your voice mail service may use to alert you to new messages. The dial tone stutter interferes with your modem’s detection of a dial tone.

2.    Make sure there is a dial tone for the telephone line that your modem is using.

a.    If the telephone line is already plugged into the modem, unplug the telephone line from the modem and connect the line to a telephone.

b.    Make sure that the other end of the telephone line is securely connected to a wall jack.

c.     Pick up the telephone and listen for a dial tone. Make sure you test the same telephone line that will be plugged into the modem. Don’t pick up another telephone or extension on the same line; the external line may be working fine, but the internal line or wall outlet that the modem is using may be damaged.

d.    If there is no dial tone, there is a problem with the line. Contact the telephone company for help. If there is a dial tone, reconnect the line to the modem.

3.    Make sure your modem is working correctly by running modem diagnostics. Click here for steps to run modem diagnostics.

4.    Try to connect. If you still cannot connect to MSN, re-enable dial tone detection by selecting the Wait for dial tone before dialing check box..

5.    Click here for steps to Optimize your modem settings

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