I am unable to connect to MSN using Connection Center, what should I do?
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When trying to connect to the internet using MSN you see one of the below error message:

·         Cannot connect using the local dial-up numbers.

·         When you try to connect, you receive the following error message: 691



1.    Launch MSN Explorer Client. Do not sign in.

2.    Go into connection settings.

3.    Select “New”. Proceed to the screen where you are asked to enter your phone number.

Note: Modifying existing connection will not work as it only updates the phone book and not dial-up authentication credentials. So, making a new connection is “must”.

4.    Press “Ctrl+Shft+F6” and it will prompt for username and password.

5.    Provide existing username and password.

6.    Complete creating new connection.

7.    Delete the new connection created in step 6.

8.    Existing connection will work, as new password has been registered.

Click here, if you are using the dial-up program available via your Windows operating system.