My Iphone 4S will no longer download my email from my msn account, but used to prior to 10-31-2011
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I received my Iphone 4S on 10/14/2011.  Email set up was perfect for both my MSN account and my LIVE account...everything was working flawlessly.  The last message that my MSN account dowloaded a message to my Iphone was on 10/31/2011 at around 2:00 pm Central time zone.  I'm getting a message that states the following: "Cannot Get Mail  Server error.  Contact your server administrator"  then when I press "OK" this message pops up "Cannot Get Mail  The connection to the server failed"

I talked to Apple for Iphone Support and they had me delete the MSN account and then add it again...same problem.  Then they had me delete it again and add it via Microsoft Exchange...same problem.  I cannot receive email.  Iphone support said this is a MSN issue after exausting all options to fix the issue.  The odd thing is I can send an email via my MSN account on my Iphone 4S without a problem.

On the same note, my LIVE account works perfect and have had no issues receiving or sending email.

Also, both my email accounts are working perfectly on my PC...through Windows Live Email on my desktop.  I can also get my email on my phone via my "Messenger program" on my Iphone.

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Hi Dennis,

That was a nice description of the issue and I agree that it is odd how you are able to send e-mail but not download new ones. While I am not an Apple expert, the error you got seems to pertain to incorrect server, or the lack of connection to the correct server.

The following link is for a post detailing information for the setup. Make sure to double check the server and ports specified, or as needed.


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I'm already aware of this web page.  If you re-read my original question/problem you will notice that I perfored the steps already...multiple times.  It is a MSN server issue problem with a iphone 4S.  I can't be the only one having this issue....Is there a # I can call into to try to solve this?  I'm going on week not being able to use the basic email platform to receive email on my Iphone 4S...and like I said, it worked great prior to noon on 10/31/2011.  I have emails on my phone up till that time and date...then it just stopped receiving.

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I understand that you've tried these. However, the fact that you can send MSN e-mail from your iPhone will mean that this not a server issue but more like a configuration or a connection issue.

Originally posted by Dennis S
I can also get my email on my phone via my "Messenger program" on my Iphone.

This means that there is no server issue and the configuration on the iPhone application for e-mail access needs to be re-configured based on the correct server name and allowed ports from the ISP. I do understand how important it is to get this fixed, so I am providing the correct options to do so.
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