MSN Explorer is always giving the message, "msn explorer not responding" - What can I do?
Latest post: Husna Ghouse, Wednesday, March 9, 2011 7:18 AM
Why does MSN Explorer STOP and gives message that msn explorer is not responding?  How can I correct this? 
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Hi hayloft2,


If I understand you correctly you are unable to access Msn as you get the error message "Msn stops responding."



This issue may occur if one or more of the following conditions are true:

 • The computer may be infected with a virus. 

• Unwanted programs may be running on the computer and may cause unexpected behavior. 

• The MSN software may have become corrupted and etc


In order to help you better we need to validate the following information:


1.  What is the Operating System you use?

2.  What is the version of MSN Software?

3.  How long it’s been that you are getting this error?

4.  Where there any changes made on your computer?

5.  Method 1:

Since you are receiving the internal error message, determine whether it is caused by a Windows .dll issue, or if the stop-responding symptom is caused by a corrupted MSN file.

To do this, follow these steps:

a. When the MSN internal error window is displayed, click click here. 

b. Next to ModName, you will find the .dll file that caused the MSN software to stop responding. This .dll file tells whether the cause of the issue is an MSN .dll file or a Windows .dll file.  (Mention the .dll file name)


 Method 2:

• Windows Vista

 1.  Click Start, then type eventvwr in start search and hit enter on the keyboard. 

2.   In the left pane, click Windows Logs. 

4.  Double-click the Application folder. 

5.  In the right pane, click Filter Current Log. 

6.  In the Filter Current Log dialog box, select the Critical and Error check boxes, and then click OK. 

7.  In the right pane, click Find, and then type MSN. 

8.  Click Find Next. 

9.  Double-click the event to see the details about the error. 

10.  In the right pane, click Copy, and then click Copy Details as Text . 

11.  Paste the error information in the same post for further assistance


• Windows XP

1.  Click Start, and then click Run.

2. In the run command windows type eventvwr and then click ok. 

3. In the left pane click on Application.

4. Sort the events in the right pane of the log by event number, and then scroll to the events labeled 1000 and 1001. 

5.  Locate events that have a red X icon next to them and that have MSN Error Reporting in the Source column. Then, locate the events that have a date and a time that are close to the date and time when the errors occurred. 

6.  Double-click the event that you want to examine. 

7.  In the upper-right corner, click the button that resembles two pieces of paper. It is under the button that is labeled with a down arrow. This copies the error information to the Clipboard. 

8. Paste the error information in the same post for further assistance


 Things to try:

• Check System Requirements for Msn client software

• Close all the application and Restart the computer, sometime restarting computer may fix the Issue.


Please revert back for further assistance.



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