Can I recover all my emails stored on MSN mail servers?
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I created files through MSN Explorer email in the so called "Files on your computer". I ran regular microsoft backups, assumimg these files were included because a MSN folder was included in the APPDATA folder along with Outlook. All my Outlook files were backed up, but MSN files were not. Is it possible to have MSN resend all files saved on the server? I did recover 61 deleted emails thanks to your suggestion, but have lost all my business emails stored in the "Folders on my computer".  Any ideas? Thanks.
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My laptop crashed, and even though I had backed up all my user files, folders I created in MSN mail "Folders on your computer" were not there when I recovered my system. Can MSN resend email form 12 months ago? I have lost 1000's of business emails. Can I recover all my emails stored on MSN mail servers?

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Thank you for following the steps on this link: http://answers.msn.com/thread.aspx?threadid=c0308625-7316-4c84-a6d2-9e3e4e9ef5d7


Folders on MSN are the email messages that are saved on the MSN servers and are the only ones which can be recovered through the steps on the abovementioned link.


For Folders on your Computer, since these are saved locally on the laptop, please follow these steps to try to recover them:


For Windows Vista/7 computers:


1. Sign out of the MSN software. Open the backup where you saved the User Files.

2. Set the computer to display hidden files and folders by following the steps below.

a. Click on Organize at the top of the window then click on Folder and Search options.

b. In the window, click on the View tab.

c. In the Advanced Settings box, look for Hidden Files and Folders and click on Show hidden files and folders just below it.

d. Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.

e. Uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).

f. Click Yes to confirm.

g. Click Ok to close the Folder Options box.

4. Double-click the App Data folder.

5. Double-click the Local folder.

6. Double-click the Microsoft folder.

7. Right-click the MSN folder and click Copy.

8. Click ‘Start’

9. In the Search files box, type the following: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft

10. You will see the MSN folder which doesn’t contain any of your Folders on the computer. Right click on a blank space then click Paste. You may be prompted to replace the files, please click Yes to all.

11. Close all open windows then sign in to MSN. Kindly allow 15 minutes for the email messages to download from the server before checking if the missing Folders on your Computer came back.


If the same issue persists even after replacing the backed up file, you may also try to search for a db30 folder (this is what’s inside the MSN folder) on the computer if there is any then replace the one inside %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\MSN.


Please take note that the success of these steps depends on the files that were backed up. If there isn’t any MSN or db30 folder found then I’m sorry to say that this means that those Folders on your Computer are lost and cannot be retrieved.


Feel free to reply to this post for any questions and feedback.



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