someone has stolen my contact list
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this has happened in the last week or so, someone or some site has stolen my email contact list and is sending emails to the contacts trying to sell goods---the email from is titled {removed email address}  but imnot sending these emails---ive gotten several phone calls from friend asking me to stop---HELP PLEASE
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Immediately change your password.
If that is not possible, you will need to recover your account. MSN Support may reply here later to assist. They will need to know your email address. If you type it here, it will only be visible to Support.
If you have lost access to the account:  

If you cannot reset the password through the usual means, see this page for information on how to get help with it:


There is a form to use that Support will act on, but it can take more than a day for them to deal with it. Be sure to enter both the account you cannot access and another account where they can reach you. Once you regain access to the account be sure to set an alternate email address and secret questions and answers for account security at http://account.live.com/


You may also want to review these posts:





And also these blog entries from the Windows Live team:





Also see the information here:



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Hi Mike1124,


Firstly I would suggest you to change your account information by login on to http://www.login.live.com/.

Once you have changed your account information like password reset, change of secret question, also would recommend you to change your password every 72 days, try to send a test mail to yourself and check if you are able to send and receive, incase if you find any difficulties to send and receive you emails please post us back so that we can check on the server end.


Stephen thanks for helping the users


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