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Please cancel my MSN account.
Thank you, Patricia Butler
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Hello Patricia,

For instructions on how to contact MSN Cancellations, please access this link:

You may also refer to the Private Message below for the contact details.

To give you a heads up, once the account gets cancelled, your email address will remain as is and will be accessible via hotmail.com. These are the features that will be changed:

You will not be able to use the MSN software(butterfly) for viewing mail. E-mails in the “Folders on your computer” section will not appear when you go to the Hotmail web site. You can check this by signing in to the MSN software and clicking the Mail & More icon at the top. Aside from this, here are the other changes:

    1. Termination of free McAfee Anti-virus and Firewall program/ Webroot Anti-Spyware program subscription.
    2. Banner ads will be enabled in the Hotmail.com and My.MSN.com web sites.
    3. Your Safe Address limit will decreasefrom 500 to 250. This helps avoid e-mail messages from valid contacts landing in the Junk e-mail folder
    4. Account expiration. You need to log in to Hotmail regularly to keep your account active. Accounts are deactivated if you have not logged in at least once every 270 days. Once an account becomes inactive, all email messages and contacts information are deleted from the server and cannot be retrieved even if the account is reactivated.
    5. Automatic Email Forwarding is disabled for domains not hosted by Microsoft (ex. Yahoo, Gmail)

If you wish to view the features of your subscription or sign up again in the future, you may visit http://get.msn.com

Hope this helps!
Natasha C.

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