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I am unable to access anything on my MSN account without signing in over five times every time. I have deleted browsing history, cookies, etc; I have rebooted my computer; I have reset my modem; I have contacted MSN support on the phone and have gotten absolutely no resolution and have even been on hold for over 45 minutes before I hung up...McAfee seems better versed on fixing MSN issues than MSN support help. I had to switch to MSN Premium from Verizon and the problems still persist. I like many of the features of MSN but I am ready to pitch MSN (which I have had for over 10 years) and try other services that are easier to access and more reliable on service.

I can sign in to MSN through the butterfly and access the home page with all of the news...but the instant I try to access my email or anything on the address bar...I get the message that MSN has stopped working and then is closes...it really makes paying bills a nighmare!
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Where does MSN usually shuts down? Is it when browsing or when checking emails?

How do we check on which might have caused the problem?

1. Restart the computer and reset Internet Explorer:

    a. Before you start MSN, click Start and type inetcpl.cpl in the Start Search area; then press enter
    b. In the Internet Properties/Options, go to the Advanced tab and proceed to reset through the button near that window's bottom part.
    c. Try signing in and check if the issue persists. Proceed to the next part if it does persist

2. Verify that Windows Updates are actually up to date.

    a. Click on Start and type Windows Update and it should show in the list
    b. Select it as it comes up and check if there are updates that you need to download and install
    c. If the issue persists after an update of Windows, proceed to part 3

3. Check what module caused MSN to end/crash.

    a. Click on Start
    b. Type eventvwr and press enter
    c. In the Event Viewer Window, open the Windows Logs at the left side.
    d. Select Applications
    e. Click Filter Current Log at the right side
    f. Put a check on ERROR
    g. Change <All event IDs> to 1000
    h. Click Ok
    i. In the list at the middle, look for at least 3 events/items that show msn.exe as Faulting Application Name
    j. Provide me the Faulting module name and the date.

We'll check on that and provide you the appropriate action to resolve the issue.

Paolo M.

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okay, MSN will load and I sign in through the butterfly. It brings up the MSN home page with all of the news. When I try to go anywhere other than the news page, MSN stops working then closes. I rebooted my computer, I reset the settings per your instructions above and it still took three attempts before I could even get an additional window for my email then it took another four tries to get the email to load. I needed to go to a website to get some bid information and when I typed the info in the address bar, Bing came up but I could not go to the website through Bing. Once I went to Google Chrome, I was able to access the websites flawlessly.

here is the info that you requested for the errors. There were pages and pages of errors (with an average of 7 tries to load MSN mail, I guess so!) and all of the errors were msn.exe. I do not understand why it is so difficult to access MSN...especially since I have had to pay for the service.

All of the errors are msn.exe. Every time I try to sign in the program stops working and I am not even able check email or anything. The info you requested us as follows: msn.exe
Time stamp: 0x4e1bccfb
Module name: ntdll.dll
Version: 6.1.7601.17725
Time stamp: 0x4ec49b60
Exception code: 0xc0000374
Fault offset: 0x000c380b
Faulting process: 0x1c68
App path: c:\program files\msn\msncorefiles\msn.exe
Path: c:\windows\system32\ntdll.dll
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ntdll.dll is a component of a Windows operating system which is causing MSN to malfunction. Although MSN is the one crashing, the main cause would be a faulty ntdll.dll component since MSN borrows Windows components for it to function.

To fix the issue, you can try to create a new Windows Profile:

1. Click Start
2. Go to the Control Panel
3. Click on User Accounts (You might see User accounts and family safety, just click it to get to User Accounts)
4. Click on Manage another Account
5. Click on Create a new Account
6. Under Account Name, place MSNtest
7. Select Administrator
8. Click Create Account
9. Restart PC
10. Sign-in to the test profile
11. Set-up MSN

Let us know of the results.


Paolo M.

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