Cannot open attachments- "The command failed to execute."
Latest post: B. Campbell, Sunday, January 13, 2013 8:09 PM
Switched  to new computer running Windows 8.  Reloaded MSN Premium e mail.  If I receive an e mail with either a photograph as an attachment or a video WMV file and try to "open" it I get an error message from MSN Mail "The command failed to execute."
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I have the same issue...after reading several fourms and trying all the solutions ....Nothing
I dealt with Microsoft through fourms and they have not gotten back...Go figure..Finallay I contacted the computer MFG HP and after trying a few things they told me MSN services are not compatible with windows 8

If anyone has a solution Please post...I am about to burn Windows 8

If you go through internet explorer and open the attachment it works
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I found the solution and it works....If you sign out of msn....then Right click the butterfly...go to properties...then
you will see the phrase Start-In .....clear out that field. Now type in this...%USERPROFILE%   then hit apply then ok. restart the computer open your email and open attachment.
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Hi JohnnyD,

Please find the steps below to fix attachment issue

  1. Right click on MSN shortcut on the desktop go to properties
  1. Under Start in column you will find "C:\Program Files\MSN\MSNCoreFiles" have it removed and type %USERPROFILE% click apply and then ok
  1. Sign in to MSN and open attachments .
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I have tried this twice with the help of MSN tech support--works for a few hours then reverts back to same error message.  Deb
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Thanks JohnnyD, Your solutions works. Thanks Ray.
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The solution works, but the problem keeps reocurring everytime I restart the computer, even though the %USERPROFILE% is still there.  Why can't Windows 8 and MSN software work together without this kind of issue cropping up?  There must be a fix that permanently works, or is MSN/Microsoft  just tying to sell service support? 
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