What happened to the little check boxes to the left side of the e-mail, to select/ delete?
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And why does it take forever for my MSN e-mail to boot up, and half the time there is an error also. I'm on a DSL, have a lot of room on my hard drive, and 10-20 e-mails in inbox.
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What is "forever" in your experience?
Besides the inbox, how much mail is in other folders, including the junk mail and trash/deleted items folder?
Do you only have one account in MSN Explorer email?
What operating system are you using?
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Sometimes forever is 4-5 minutes!! The only other mail is in SENT and STORED folders on my computer, not MSN folders. I only have one acct. , and XP Professional system. Total space 232GB, free 199gb.
Also, what happened to the check boxes to the left side where you can select all, or individually??
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You didn't answer the question about how much mail is involved in the folders. How many messages in Inbox, Sent, Deleted, etc. The mail stored in "folders on my computer" isn't a factor. Space on your hard drive is not a factor.

Does everything else work normally as far as performance is concerned?

This is probably due to the fact that you have not cleaned up your email and MSN Explorer is attempting to synchronize all data each time it loads. I suggest deleting messages you no longer want - including from the Sent folder, moving messages to folders other than the Inbox that you wish to save - consider moving them to folders "on my computer" so they no longer sync, and emptying the Deleted items/trash folder. This should improve performance significantly.

If you move items to folders on the local PC, be sure to backup your MSN mail periodically as a drive failure on the PC will cause you to lose these messages.

Backing up email: http://answers.msn.com/solution.aspx?solutionid=d830f08c-414d-49ae-91cb-df58aa44832f

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I can't answer about the check boxes -- I assume that it was an interface change. You can multi-select messages in the list by holding the ctrl key and left clicking individual messages or left click, shift, then left click another message while holding the shift key to select a contiguous block of messages.
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I said the ONLY mail in MSN folders was my inbox, all other is in computer folders. Inbox has 15-20 normally.
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If you are unable to view the check box in your e-mail account, Please follow the below given instructions:


1. Sign in to your Msn email account

2. Click on Inbox

3. Right click on the Header Option (like subject, from, received date)  option above your email message and in the drop down click on Display Columns

4. Under Columns check the option which says checkbox and move it upwards.

5. Click on ok. You should be able to view the check box icon.


In order to help you further with the email issue we need to validate the following information:


1.  What is the Operating System you use?

2.  What is the version of MSN Software?

3.  How long it’s been that you are getting this error and when does this error occur is at the sign in time or while checking emails or when you sign out from msn?

4.  Where there any changes made on your computer?


Things to Try:


Sign out from Msn and on the sign in screen First select a user name and the press the keys Ctrl+Shift+f9 all together. It will provide you with a warning message as “Important: you are about to remove your email, contact and calendar information from this computer. This information will automatically be restored the next time you sign in to MSN” Click on Yes Remove information. And the click on Yes.


Then try signing into your Msn and please give some time for the emails, contact and calendar information to be synchronize.

Please revert back for further assistance.


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