Reporting junk as phishing scam, they keep returning
Latest post: Stephen Boots (MVP - Windows Live), Thursday, March 10, 2011 2:16 PM
I receive 5 -6 junk emails a day of obvious spam. I mark each one as  "phishing scam"  but they just keep coming back again and again? How can one get them stopped?
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Hi SBCOOK,       


Things to try:

1. We recommended you to change Personal information, password and Secret question and Answer by visiting https:\\account.live.com.


2. Configure Junk mail filters.

A. Click Help & Settings, click Settings, and then click Show All Settings. 

B. Click Junk Mail Filter and Select Moderate and Click Save changes


If the issue is still not resolved then forward the spam email to our Abuse Department  at abuse@msn.com


Please revert back for further assistance.



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There is nothing that you can do about this. MSN/Hotmail needs to continue their battle to identify spam better. It is a balancing act between marking legitimate messages as spam or allowing some spm through.
The issue is that the spammers change the messages constantly to elude detection by the filters, despite the fact that you can clearly tell that these are spam.
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