How can I prevent Bing Splash Page loading when I sign in to MSN I have tried Add/Remove in Control
Latest post: ljmitch66, Thursday, March 17, 2011 5:03 AM
Bing Splash Page loads when I sign in to MSN.  I have tried to remove with Add/Remove Prograns in Control Programs and that does not work.  Dial-up commection is slow enough without having to wait for Bing page to load before my MSN home page loads.  How do I stop Bing page from loading at sign in?
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Hi ljmitch66,


As I understand you don’t want Bing page appear while trying to Sign- In.


Things to do:


1. Sign out of the MSN Client Software.

2. Click on the user tile you would like to remove the Bing login from.

3. On the sign-in screen uncheck the checkmark next to “Quick web access

4. Trying Signing In and it will directly take you to Home page.


Please revert back for further assistance.



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Thank you so much, that did the trick, no more Bing Splash page.  Simple solution, but if you don't know it can be frustrating.
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