MSN Email Locks Up
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I am running on Vista. My MSN Premium Email has been increasingly having problems and is now a constant issue. It locks up and won't send, won't receive, won't update, won't sync. I have tried everything and the only thing to jump start it is to uninstall and reinstall and then it only works for a very short amount of time before it locks up again.

How do I get this fixed?


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Hi John,


Things to do:


Rename .sdf files to fix Email issue

The .sdf files are local copies of your messages in the MSN online folders as well as your e-mail filter settings. When you download messages from the server to the MSN client, a local copy of these messages is stored in your computer as .sdf file. This is also the case with your e-mail filter settings.

Corrupted or damaged .sdf files may result to synchronization errors. If we rename these files, the MSN software will be forced to download new copies of the files from the server.

Windows Vista/Windows 7

Note: Sign out from MSN then close the program before performing the steps below.

1. Click ‘Start’

2. In the Search box, type the following: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\MSN

3. Press the ENTER key.  (The MSN folder will open)   

4. In the MSN folder, do the following:                    

a. Click ‘Organize’, ‘Folder and Search options’, then ‘View’

b. put a dot on ‘Show hidden files and folders’

c. Uncheck the ‘Hide extensions for known file types’ and ‘Hide protected operating system files options’

d. Click ‘Apply’, then ‘OK’

The db30 folder will appear inside the MSN folder.

5. Open the db30 folder then look for files that end as msn-com.sdf and msn-com_JMF.sdf

6. Right-click, choose ‘Rename’ and add .old after .sdf to both these files

7. Close the db30 folder

Then Sign into Msn and wait for 25-30 minutes for the emails to get synchronized.

Please revert back for further assistance.


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BLESS YOU!!!! Completely solved my problem that I was sure was unsolveable.  Thank you!
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