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All of my email addresses are gone from the address book. What do I need to do to have them appear again?
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Hi Lana,


For further assistance regarding retrieving your contact issue we would like to have more information


1.  What is the Operating System you use?

2.  What is the version of MSN Software?

3. Provide the impacted email address?

4. Where there any changes made on your computer?


Things to Try:


Option 1:


Sign out from Msn and on the sign in screen First select a user name and the press the keys Ctrl+Shift+f9  all together. It will provide you with a warning message as “Important: you are about to remove your email, contact and calendar information from this computer. This information will automatically be restored the next time you sign in to MSN” Click on Yes Remove information. And the click on Yes.


Then try signing into your Msn and please give some time for the emails, contact and calendar information to be synchronizing. And check you are able to retrieve all your contacts.


Option 2:

Please follow the below given instructions to retrieve your lost contacts

  1. Sign into your hotmail website using your Msn email address
  2. In the left pane click on “Contacts”
  3. In the top hand right corner click on” Manage”
  4. Under Manage click on  “Restore Deleted Contacts”
  5. Then you can select the contacts you want to retrieve and add to your address book

Please find the below link to find out the version of Msn Software


How to find the version of MSN Please check the link below



Please revert back for further assistance.


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