How do I get rid of "Bing"
Latest post: Nitesh, Saturday, January 19, 2013 1:20 AM
I want to get rid of "Bing"

I have no need for "Bing".
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Hi Chantelle,

The Bing screen that pops up before sign in is the Quick Web access to browse before you are signed into MSN explorer. If you wish to disable it . you can do so by the instructions listed below.

1. Sign out of all the MSN windows. It's better to restart the computer just to be sure all instances are closed

2. Start MSN but do not sign in.

3. Type your password. *Notice that there are checkboxes under that part where you entered the password

4. Uncheck "Quick Web Access"

5. Continue to sign in. The Bing window should no longer come up.


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