How do you move email folders from one account to another?
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When I moved from Qwest to MSN Premium I had 25 personal email folders which I set up under an alternate account in my MSN email.  I would like to move these folders to my primary MSN email account.  It doesn't appear I can drag and drop them because I keep getting a red circle X when I attempt to move them.  There are saved emails in these folders which I'd like to keep so I don't want to have to retype the folder names under my primary account.  Is there a way to move or reposition either the folders or the accounts in the panel?
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Moving email folders depends on where these are located.


If the email folders you are trying to move are saved under Folders on MSN, sign in on MSN using the email address where the email folders will be moved to (primary MSN email account) then follow these steps to add an email account and to transfer the folders:


1. Click on Help & Settings at the top then click Settings.

2. Click "1 Change your e-mail settings"

3. Click "Additional e-mail accounts"

4. Click "Additional MSN and Hotmail e-mail accounts"

5. Click the Add Account button.

6. Fill out the form by typing the alternate email address which has the 25 personal folders.

7. Click Save Changes.

8. Click Done.

9. Click the Mail&More icon at the top to go back to the email page

10. The alternate email account should now appear on the email page along with the folders.

11. Create a folder on the primary MSN email account by selecting Create a new folder at the bottom left. Make sure that the location is either under Folders on MSN or Folders on your computer.

12. Once the folder is created, go to the folder of the alternate email address and click on the check box on top to select all the email messages.

13. Do a right click on one of the email and select Put in folder.

14. Select the folder you’ve just created and click Ok.

15. Stay signed in on MSN long enough until you can see these email messages on the server. Follow these steps to check that the folders are on the server: http://answers.msn.com/solution.aspx?solutionid=a5fb54a8-e777-4f80-bf64-c2db72c9d905


If the email folders you are trying to move are saved under Folders on your computer, sign in on MSN using the alternate email address which has the 25 personal folders and follow these steps:


1. Export the email messages by following Method 1 on this link: http://answers.msn.com/solution.aspx?solutionid=d830f08c-414d-49ae-91cb-df58aa44832f.

Since you are doing this process on several e-mail accounts, please change the last part of the file name so that you can identify the exported email. For example, instead of leaving it as MSN_Mail.msnbak you can change it to MSN_(e-mail address).msnbak.

2. Sign in on the primary MSN email account and follow the steps as mentioned in step 1 to have a back up if you have anything important under Folders on your computer. If there is none, please follow step 3.

3. While still signed in on the primary MSN email account, import the 25 folders by following Method 1 on this link: http://answers.msn.com/solution.aspx?solutionid=d830f08c-414d-49ae-91cb-df58aa44832f but this time select Open your saved MSN e-mail on the sixth step. Make sure to select the MSN_(e-mail address).msnbak which has the alternate email address.

4. This will easily allow the 25 personal folders to be shown on the primary MSN email account.


Feel free to reply to this post for any questions and feedback.



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