My wife can't sign into her msn email account - 'account is blocked' possible spam
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I first tried to and a verification # sent to her cell phone.  Didn't work.  Tried three times, no code was sent.  I went to the forum and found hundreds of people had the same issue at I did, and have not been helped.
I have sent numerous emails, I've posted multiple requests to reset her password.  I've received zero response and no answers...   I've sent the formal request 3 separate times and not a single response.   This is not 'customer service' as I know it.  
I am a MS Certified Systems Engineer, and I've been using MSN since the alpha testing days.   There is no spam or virus on the PC my wife uses to send her email.  She uses it for business which has been negatively affected by this email block.
There was a time that I could pick up the phone and CALL SOMEONE who would quickly and efficiently solve my problem by sending a temporary email address or clearing the block.  Obviously that's no longer an option.  The new 'Solution Center' is a way to reintroduce a process that, up until now, does not {removed email address}.  It's useless.  So this is what I'm left with.  Please contact me in some way (smoke signals) to send instructions on how to reset the password, account or remove the block.   I don't know what else to say...
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Since you have already posted the email address (which only Support can see) MSN Support may be able to assist you via this forum.
The issue is the same for Hotmail (free) users as compromised accounts have been disabled and require action to regain access. Below is the reset information for free Hotmail users and some other useful links.

If you cannot reset the password through the usual means, see this page for information on how to get help with it:


There is a form to use that Support will act on, but it can take more than a day for them to deal with it. Be sure to enter both the account you cannot access and another account where they can reach you. Once you regain access to the account be sure to set an alternate email address and secret questions and answers for account security at http://account.live.com/


You may also want to review these posts:





And also these blog entries from the Windows Live team:





Also see the information here:



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Steve  -   I really do appreciate your response.  You're the FIRST real person who has acknowleged my problem , but unfortunately the information you've provided is useless...

 I've already tried to reset the password MULTIPLE TIMES.   Our 'secret question' response is correct, but the page won't validate it.   So, I'm left with the so-called 'customer support' option which is a convoluted circular logic construct which I've ALSO filled out and submitted 3 times!    NO response from anyone.

At first, I tried to have the verification sent to my wife's cell phone.   NO response, and no text message after 3 tries.   No responses to the questionaire I submitted.  It's been 2 full weeks.  Not a single reply except for the automated response.    I stated in my first post that the ONLY PC my wife uses is mine.  It's NOT infected with a virus or email worm.   Also, I've been an MS IT professional for over 20 years.   So I don't think I need to read a link about 'password tips'.   I've probably WRITTEN more articles about it than you've read.

 I remember the days when, if there was problem, I could CALL someone, who would fix the issue in 5 minutes...  Since the secret question/answer doesn't work, and the customer support option does NOT actually provide any real support, what would you suggest we do next? 
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Hi Mattcann,


For further assistance regarding this issue we would like to have more information


1.  What is the Operating System you use?

2.  What is the version of MSN Software?

3.  When you try to send your emails do you get any error message or error code? If so please provide a detail description.

4. Provide the impacted email address for further investigation?

5. Where there any changes made on your computer?


Please find the below link to find out the version of Msn Software


How to find the version of MSN Please check the link below



Please revert back for further assistance.


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You're welcome. The situation is very frustrating when you need to regain access to an account. The Hotmail Support forum and form can be helpful, though, time consuming and bumpy. Accounts are not recovered automatically, human intervention is required to validate that you are indeed the account owner and not someone trying to steal the account.

I appreciate that you are aware of security. However, the account is blocked as it *was* compromised or it appears to have been compromised.

The only thing in Sampath's response that is valid, in my opinion (Sampath is MSN Support), is the request for the affected email address (which I thought you posted in your initial post!).

Reply with that information and Sampath should be able to help.

Once you regain access to the account, please secure it per the information I provided.

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Hey Mattcan,

I will be more than happy to investigate and I have initiated a private message session below.  Please reply in that section with the affected account in question (your wife's account). 

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