Deleting unwanted secondary email addresses
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 March 16, 2011

 How do I delete unwanted email addresses that I added added to the primary address. I want to delete aaman4u@msn.com and aalaman4u@msn.com so that they do not appear in the folder section of my primary email address k_d1@msn.com ????

Kenneth Douglas
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Hi ken,

Please find the below steps to remove your secondary user accounts from the primary account

  1. Sign in to your Msn account
  2. Click on Help and settings and click on settings
  3. Click on Email settings
  4. Click on Additional e-mail accounts
  5. Click on Additional email accounts
  6. In the box you would see both the email address that you have linked with the primary account
  7. Select the accounts and click on Remove account Note: Once you remove the accounts from the Msn explorer you will not be able to send and receive emails in Msn explorer however you can login to www.hotmail.com and check your emails.
  8. Click on done.

Please revert back for further assistance.


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