Can I recover a deleted folder with saved emails that was in "Folders on MSN"
Latest post: Natasha C., Saturday, November 5, 2011 5:52 PM
  I had a folder with saved emails that was accidently deleted from "Folders on MSN." These emails were vary important to me. This deleted folder was NOT in "Folders on your computer" Can You please help. Thank you.
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Hi cyote69,

When a folder gets deleted, its contents should go to the Trash/Deleted messages folder. You should be able to retrieve them from there. If you emptied the trash, there is still a way to recover that by going to http://www.hotmail.com

When you sign into Hotmail and go to the "Deleted" folder, there is a link for recovering e-mail. It does not guarantee 100% recovery, but it is worth a try, noting that the messages are very important.


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