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MSN Premium is very slow. It takes a long time to show up and is slow in everything it does. Google Chrome, on the same computer, and Firefox zip along. I really haven't used MSN PRemium for three or four years because it it so slow. Bing is quick as well. Ideas?


Tom Lathrop
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MSN Explorer needs to sync your email. So, working in MSN Explorer might be affected if your mail is synchronizing. Once it is in sync, browsing the web should be fine. Note that you don't need MSN Explorer and you can cancel your MSN service, while still keeping your @msn email address, which can then be accessed via http://www.hotmail.com or with the email program of your choosing. Call customer service to cancel if you wish.

If you wish to use MSN Explorer, you need to keep the service. The following may then apply to your situation:

How many messages are in your Inbox and other folders?

Does everything else work normally as far as performance is concerned?

This is probably due to the fact that you have not cleaned up your email and MSN Explorer is attempting to synchronize all data each time it loads. I suggest deleting messages you no longer want - including from the Sent folder, moving messages to folders other than the Inbox that you wish to save - consider moving them to folders "on my computer" so they no longer sync, and emptying the Deleted items/trash folder. This should improve performance significantly.

If you move items to folders on the local PC, be sure to backup your MSN mail periodically as a drive failure on the PC will cause you to lose these messages.

Backing up email: http://answers.msn.com/solution.aspx?solutionid=d830f08c-414d-49ae-91cb-df58aa44832f

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Hi Miguel de Cervantes,

In order to help you further with this issue we need to validate the following information:


1.  What is the Operating System you use?

2.  What is the version of MSN Software?

3.  Do you get any error message when you sign in, sign out, viewing emails in Msn Explorer? If so please provide a detail description?


Things to try:


Try to Optimize your browser settings please follow the instruction provide in the below link:

How to optimize Internet Explorer browser


How to find the version of MSN Please check the link below



Please reply back for further assistance.


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