If i cancel my account will I lose my msn address?
Latest post: Sophie O., Thursday, April 19, 2012 7:54 PM
I'm thinking of canceling my account to save $21.95 every month.  Do I lose the msn address?
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If you decide to cancel your MSN Dial-up subscription, your email address/es will remain as is and will continue to be accessible via hotmail.com using any browser you prefer. You may also opt to switch to the MSN Premium plan, which retains all of the enhanced features of your email address minus the dial-up features.

You may choose to switch to the following plans:

> $9.95 monthly
> $89.95 yearly

If you would like to switch to any of the plans I've mentioned, you may get in touch with our MSN Customer Service team via chat or phone by logging in to http://support.msn.com

Also, here are the enhanced features that comes with your MSN subscription:

MSN Premium subscription is a service that allows you to use the MSN software (butterfly icon), an internet software that serves as a browser, an email program and a Download Manager in one. It provides you the ability to view your online and offline MSN mail.

Aside from the MSN software, you can also get the following advantages below. 

  1. Round the clock Phone, Chat, and Email Support for Technical and Billing inquiries. You can check the contact details of our MSN Technical and Billing teams via https://support.msn.com
  2. Free MSN Virus Guard and Personal Firewall c/o McAfee.
  3. Free Webroot Anti-Spyware program (Spy Sweeper).
  4. Ad-free e-mail service that lets you see messages in a preview pane and manage multiple Windows Live Hotmail, MSN and POP3 e-mail accounts using the MSN software.
  5. Unlimited Storage. Your initial email storage capacity starts at 10GB that automatically grows with your needs. For free accounts, email storage is limited up to 5GB
  6. No account expiration. You don't need to log in to MSN or Windows Live Hotmail regularly to keep your account active.NOTE: In a free Hotmail service, you are required to sign in at least once every 270 days to keep the account active. If you fail to do so; all messages, folders and contacts will be deleted and incoming messages will be sent back to the sender as undeliverable.
  7. Automatic Email Forwarding is enabled for all email domains not hosted by Microsoft (ex. Yahoo, Gmail). In regular Hotmail service Automatic Email Forwarding from your email address will be limited to @msn, @live, @hotmail and Microsoft personal domains.
  8. More Safe Addresses. Your Safe Address limit is increased from 250 (free service) to 500 which helps avoid email messages from valid contacts landing in the Junk e-mail folder.
  9. You can add up to 10 email accounts for your subscription so these email accounts can have the ability to use the MSN Internet software

Hope these information helped. Do reply to this post for other questions or concern.


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