Adding a new email address on my existing msn account
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How do I add a new email address to my existing msn account?

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In order to addsecondary account you need to use one of the following methods.

Method 1: Use the MSN client software to add asecondary account.

a.     Sign in to MSN.

b.    On the Help and Settings menu, click Member Accounts and Billing.

c.      Click Add member accounts.

d.    If you want to add ane-mail address that already exists, type your MSN or MSN Hotmail e-mail addressand password in the E-mail Address and Password boxes. If you do not have an MSN orHotmail e-mail address, select create an MSN.come-mail address for the new member.

e.      Click Continue.

f.      If you enteredthe information for an existing e-mail address, go to step j. Otherwise, go tostep g.

g.     Type the requestedinformation in the Add a new member form,including the e-mail address that you want to use, and then click Next.

h.    If you select an e-mailaddress that is already being used, you will be asked to choose a new e-mailaddress from a list of available addresses, or you can create your own newe-mail address. After you select or create the new e-mail address, click Next.

i.       If youenter any other incorrect information, account creation will be unsuccessful,and the wizard will highlight the incorrect information in red with anexclamation point.

j.       Typeyour name exactly as it is written on the Reviewand sign agreements page and then click Accept.

k.    If the account informationis accepted, a confirmation page will appear. Click Close to return to MSN.

Method2: Use the Member Center Web site to add asecondary account

a.    Sign in at the following Web site:

b.    In the left pane, click Manage Users.

c.     Click Add a Member.

d.    Enter the requested information and follow the instructions on the screen tocreate a new account. This account will be associated as a secondary account.

I'm sure abovementioned steps will fix your issue.


We appreciate yourcontinued support as we strive to provide you with the highest quality serviceavailable.


Thank you forcontacting MSN. Have a bless day.




MSN TechnicalSupport.

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