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This may seem like a trivial stupid question - but how do I download the latest version of msn explorer?  There are several websites that I use that state "we no longer accept your version of internet explorer" and I have downloaded Internet Explorer 9 and can access them through other browsers.  However, when I am using my msn account, I still have the old version.  Do I need to order a new CD or can I download msn explorer 10 from the member center?
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Hi Snotdoc,

Please find the link below to download and install latest MSN software.


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Hi, Snotdoc --

I'm another MSN user.  If you don't already have MSN Explorer 10 (or the latest version of it), you should download and install it.  But you need to know that MSN Explorer 10 has an issue with being identified on websites as Internet Explorer 7 (or as being out of date), no matter what Internet Explorer browser (8 or 9) you have on your computer.  Browse through the postings under "Settings and other Software Help Forum", and you'll find a lot of threads already in place for this. 

If you want to visit a website that won't accept your MSN Explorer, use your IE9 or other browsers instead.  The good folks at MSN have been working on this issue, and using a different browser for those websites is what they've recommended until a solution is found.

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