how to sign in to msn to check e-mail
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I would need to know how to sign in after the website msn is pulled up to get to the butterfly to sign in to the e-mail account I have set up? I do not have a hotmail e-mail address yet and I like signing in to msn then retrieving my e-mail if I am not a my personal computer that has the butterfly logo in on the desk top.  I could not get to were I was able to find my e-mail from just going to msn!  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Do see you have the @q.com as your email address. For you to access your emails you need to login in to http://www.myqwest.com/ . If you want to migrate your email account to use the Msn premium software firstly you need to check if you have any email address @ q.com. If so you need to call qwest and migrate all your account information, once this is done you can call this number and sign up for the premium subscription 1-866-205-6768. We are uanble to use @q.com email address to signup for a MSN Premium subscription.

Click http://membercenter.msn.com/Loc/en-us/qm/1975_MSN_Qwest_Intro.html to watch a video that summarizes the changes that are taking place




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