Note: The following steps will allow MSN to override the phone number you usually dial from. The MSN software will only retain this telephone number for one connection.

1.     Start MSN, but do not sign in.

2.     Click Connection Settings.

3.     Click Modify a location, then click Next.

4.     Select the dial-up location you want to change, then click Next.

5.     Press the CTRL+F9 keys when you see the telephone number you are dialing from on the setup screen.

6.     Type the new number you want the MSN Dialer to use.

7.     Note: Enter the access number exactly as you want it to be dialed; for example, type 4251231234, without spaces or dashes. If you need to add numbers to dial an outside line or to turn off call waiting, you must include those numbers at the beginning of the access number; for example, type 914251231234 if you need to dial 9 for an outside line.

8.     Click OK.

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