How do I upgrade my version of Windows XP SP1 or SP2 to SP3?
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How do I upgrade my version of Windows XP SP1 or SP2 to SP3?

You can help keep your computer current, safe, and working correctly by installing updates for your operating system. To make it easier to install Windows XP updates and fixes, Microsoft collects these files in service packs. Service packs help extend and update the functionality of your computer.


Things to remember before you install Windows XP (SP3)

Before you start to install Windows XP SP3, make sure that your computer meets the following prerequisites.

  • Before you download or install Windows XP SP3, first check hard-disk space
  • If you have the following updates on your computer, remove them
  • If you have a third-party wireless network adapter, make sure that it is supported
  • If you are running antivirus software, disable it


Recommended steps before you install Windows XP SP3

  • Perform a full backup of the files that you have on your computer to an external location
  • If you are running Windows XP Professional, create an Automated System Recovery (ASR) set
  • Review your version of Internet Explorer. To determine your browser version, click About Internet Explorer on the Help menu.


Steps that are required before you install Windows XP SP3

  • Start your computer, and then log on as an administrator.
  • If your computer is running on battery power, plug it in so that your computer does not lose power during the installation.
  • If your computer has multiple user accounts that can log on to your computer at the same time and you use Fast User Switching, make sure that all other users are logged off
  • Exit all open programs.
  • Insert the DVD and install the Windows XP SP3 as per instructions.