You always see the message “Loading” when trying to organize your favorites using MSN Software



·         A change was needed on the servers that store the favorites files.

·         Each stored favorite has an ID associated with it and some of these IDs were getting corrupted.

·         Internet Explorer add-on for Active X controls are disabled




The fix cleans up the corrupted IDs and uploads the corrected version to the server. This fix only replaces the corrupted IDs and does not change the saved links, so no data is lost during the process.

Note for XP, Vista and Windows 7 users: The tool needs to be run under an Administrator account.


Note for Win98/Win ME users: The computer must have the latest updates available from Windows Update.

If using MSN Dial-up, scroll down and read the "Special Instructions for Dial-up Customers" before running the tool.

1.     Download the tool from

2.     Close MSN on all computers prior to running the fix.

3.     Launch fixcorruptfav.hta tool that you just downloaded

4.     Enter the user name and password you see the favorites issue on

5.     Click the Click here button.

6.     Once the fixed favorites have been uploaded to the server, a Successful message will appear.

7.     Sign into MSN and verify resolution.

Special Instructions for Dial-up Customers

In order for the favorites file to be corrected and uploaded to the server, there needs to be a connection to the Internet, but MSN cannot be running. Fortunately, MSN Connection Center can be run separately from the MSN Explorer.

1.     Exit and Close MSN. Locate the MSN Connection Center icon (CC) in the lower right hand system tray.

2.     Right-click on the MSN Connection Center icon and select Exit.

3.     Go to the Start Menu - Programs - MSN Connection Center (or run %program files%\msn\msnia\cc\msncc\msncc.exe).

4.     The CC sign-in screen will appear instead of the MSN sign-in screen. (If the MSN sign-in screen appears then close it, exit CC from the system tray and try again.)

5.     Enter the email address and password, and click Sign In.

6.     If prompted to create a new location, use the e-mail address of the MSN primary account.

7.     Once the connection has been established, the MSN Connection Center toolbar will display.

8.     Once the favorites tool has been run, CC can be disconnected by either clicking the toolbar button or by right-clicking the CC system tray icon and selecting Disconnect.

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