Install McAfee Antivirus Plus
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If using Internet Explorer:

    1. Open a browser and go to http://membercenter.msn.com 

    2. Sign-in using the primary e-mail address and password.

    3. Click “Install McAfee® AntiVirus Plus - MSN Edition” located under Quick Links and click "Install Now

         Go to step 4.

If using MSN Explorer:

    1. Sign into the MSN Explorer software using your primary e-mail address and password.

    2. From the navigation bar, click  Safety

    3. Click “McAfee AntiVirus Plus”.

    Note You must sign in with your primary e-mail address to download the software.

    4. On the "McAfee User License Agreement" page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click I Agree.

    5. On the "Download Your McAfee Software" page, click Download.

    6. Click Run when prompted.

    7. On the "Install now" screen, click Next to begin the installation.

    8. Click Finish when prompted