For MSN 10.x or 9.x with Connection Center

1.    Start MSN.

2.    On the Welcome screen, click Connection Settings.

3.    Click New or Add a Dial-up Location. The Connection Center Dial-up Locations wizard will open.

4.    In the Connection Center Dial-up wizard, click Next.

5.    On the Setup screen, type the area code and the telephone number for your current location.

6.    Type a name for the new dial-up location, click Next. Dial-up location names must be unique.

7.    If you are prompted for your MSN e-mail address and password, type the MSN e-mail address and password, then click OK.

8.    On the Dialing Options screen, set the following dialing options:

a.    If a number is required to reach an outside line, select Dial this number for an outside line, then select the appropriate prefix.

b.    If your telephone line has call waiting, select Dial this to disable call waiting, then select the appropriate prefix.

c.    If your telephone uses pulse dialing, select This line uses pulse dialing.

d.    If the modem that you want to use does not appear next to the words I want to use the following modem, select the modem that you want to use from the list.

9.    Click Next.

10. The MSN software will dial a toll free number to obtain a list of access numbers. This list is displayed on the Recommended Numbers screen.

11.  To accept the numbers as displayed, click Next. To add or remove numbers, click Add or remove numbers, modify the list, then click Next.

12.  To change the dialing prefix or area code for the displayed numbers, click Edit prefix or area code, type the correct prefix or area code, then click Next.

13. On the Accept Recommended Numbers screen, select I agree to the terms and conditions, then click Accept. If you want MSN to use these access numbers every time you connect, select Make this my default location.

14. Click OK.

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