New MSN Website Overview
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Microsoft will keep MyMSN live through October 30.  In the meantime, we have heard the user feedback and will be working to build additional personalization on the New MSN.  

The new MSN website and MSN apps brings you the best in online information that you can customize and personalize to take with you everywhere, on every device.

MyMSN refers to
http://my.msn.com, the customizable home page for MSN. 

  • You will be affected by the New MSN change only if you use http://my.msn.com as your home page.

  • All other features of the MSN Explorer software ("The Butterfly") are unaffected by this change. 

  • Your email and other features in MSN Explorer will continue to work just as they do now.

MyMSN is being replaced by the new MSN.com homepage which also allows you to personalize the site. 

  • You can modify the new http://msn.com page to show the information that you wish to see. 

  • Assuming that you sign in with your Microsoft account, when you use MSN on multiple devices (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.), any customizations you make will flow across all of them.

You can find the following sections in the new MSN:

MSN Sports – See the latest scores, schedules, standings and more for your favorite sports teams.

MSN Money – Has the world's best financial news and data to help you grow your money.

MSN News – Get the day's local and global breaking news stories.

MSN Video – Watch millions of top high resolution videos.

MSN Weather – Get the latest weather conditions wherever you are so you can plan your day accordingly.

MSN Health and Fitness – See fitness and exercise videos, use the diet tracker or get nutritional or health references.

MSN Food and Drink – Find recipes from world famous chefs, create a shopping list and more.

MSN Entertainment – Find all of your entertainment needs, keep up with celebrities, listen to music, check out movies and more.

MSN Lifestyle –  Helps you stay in the know about home decor and parenting, keep up with all of the latest beauty and style trends.