How do I cancel my dialup account but keep my email address
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I use only broadband connection now and I do not need Dialup
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You can completely cancel MSN service and keep your @msn address, but lose access to MSN Explorer, or you can switch from dial-up service to MSN Premium to keep using MSN Explorer. Your choice. Both are accomplished by contacting MSN Customer service.

Thanks to fellow MVP, winston, for the following detailed reply elsewhere in this forum to a similar question:


To cancel a fee based MSN Premium or MSN Dial-Up account and convert the email address to a free Hotmail account contact MSN Support to cancel your service.


MSN Dial-Up Internet Access Technical Support

(800) 386-5550

Hours of operation:

Monday - Sunday 24 hours each day

MSN Premium Internet Software Technical Support

(800) 494-2962

Hours of operation:

Monday - Sunday 24 hours each day

Hearing Impaired using a TDD device

(800) 877-9580

Hours of operation:

Monday - Friday 0500-2200 PST / Saturday - Sunday 0500-1700 PST


Cancellation of your service will revert your email address to a free Hotmail account without a change in your actual email address.  Since your email address will not change, the need to notify contacts/senders is not necessary.

  - Note: If you cancel/revert your account to a free account you will no longer be able to use MSn Premium software (MSN Explorer). 


Once converted...to access your free account you can use your browser by logging on with your username/password in the web interface (http://mail.live.com/ or http://hotmail.com/) or setup your free account in Windows Live Mail (a free desktop email client from Microsoft  http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials 


You also have the option (if you wish to continue using MSN Premium Software) to convert your account to a lower cost MSN plan with your broadband service (i.e. a BYO ISP plan normally. $9.95/month))


To do so, contact MSN Support at the appropriate phone number for your current plan (phone #'s above)

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Hi DavidUMorgan,
In order to retain your email address you do not require a subscription with MSN. You can continue to access email by going to http://www.hotmail.com/. Your email account will be converted to a "free" version of MSN/Hotmail email.

Once your account becomes free you will no longer have the benefits of McAfee Antivirus or the SpySweeper from Webroot as they are part of the MSN subscription. Before you discontinue the subscription, any offline emails you have stored on your computer via the MSN Software needs to be backed up or pushed back to the server.

If you wish to cancel your account our cancellation agents will be able to help you. When you call the MSN phone support, select option "cancel an account".

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