Hot do I get toolbar at top back?
Latest post: Satjot, Wednesday, August 22, 2012 11:55 PM
I accidently enlarged my homepage screen to full screen amd lost the toolbar.  How do I get it back?
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If you are talking about the navigation bar at the top of page and can still see the words/names that were under your icons then you just need to stretch it back out by hovering over bottom edge and pulling it down with the arrows.

If it is totally gone you need to right click where the bar should be a slightly darker area at the top of page and click on show navigation bar.

If you are talking about the task bar at bottom of page you will need to go into control panel and appearances to get it to show. How to get there depends on what version of windows you are using.
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Hi Emma girl,

Need more information:
Are you missing your toolbar on Internet Explorer or MSN?

Things you can try

For MSN:
Sign in to MSN-- At the top of the screen you will see an option "View"-- Click on View-- Navigation bar-- Show navigation bar.

For Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer-- hold the Alt key-- it will show you menu bar-- Right click on any option like (file,edit,view,tools)-- select menu bar.

Hope this helps.

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