My Internet Explorer 9 is not working properly.
Latest post: Paolo M., Wednesday, June 20, 2012 8:47 PM
I try to open IE9 and am re-directed to 'Bablylon'. I have tried to uninstaul Babylon but can't.I don't need Babylon. How do I get rid of Babylon? I tried downloading IE9 and installing it over itself,and am told that I already have a newer version running.
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Hi,Babylon might be the homepage set for Internet Explorer. You can try to change it by clicking on the gear icon at the upper right corner of Internet Explorer, then click internet options. The main option at the top has the Home Page setting. The site in the box will set you home page. You can put any web site you wish to be your homepage in the box then click ok at the bottom. The next you open Internet Explorer, the homepage you have selected should be the one coming up.Hope this helps.Thanks,Paolo M.
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Hi,Babylon is a translation software. If you are unable to uninstall it using the control panel, try removing it by manually deleting its folder inside C:/Program filesAlso, if you are successfull in removing babylon, you can reset the settings of your Internet Explorer 9, here's how:


  • Close MSN and all open windows

  • Click on Start or Windows Orb then click type inetcpl.cpl then press Enter to open the Internet Properties window

  • In the Internet Properties window, click on Advanced at the top
  • Click on Reset at the bottom part of the window.
  • On the small pop-up window, make sure that the box is checked then click on Reset again.

    Hope this helps.Paolo M.

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