Bank Of America sign-in UPDATE
Latest post: mrshvd3, Saturday, June 23, 2012 5:14 AM
It appears that the on-screen buttons for the "Sitekey Challenge Question" (Unrecognized Computer) and "Enter Passcode" (Your Sitekey) pages are now working on MSN Explorer; the temporary workaround (hitting the Enter key on the keyboard instead of clicking on the on-screen buttons) also still works. 

However, a new twist has been added, and this happens whether I use the workaround or the on-screen buttons while on MSN Explorer.  It also happens at the  same point when using IE8 (which has never required the workaround), so this may be another BofA issue, but I thought I'd post it here anyway.  Here's what happens:

I enter my Online ID, then click the "Sign In" button.  I fill in the answer to the Challenge Question, then either hit the "Enter" key OR click on the "Continue" button.  Before I can type in my passcode on the Sitekey screen, a dialog box pops up, stating that to display the webpage again, the browser needs to resend the information previously submitted.  Whether I click on the red X, "Retry" or "Cancel", it puts me back on the first Sign-In page.  I re-enter my ID, click "Sign In"....and this time, it  bypasses the Challenge Question page and goes right to the Sitekey "Enter Passcode" page; I enter my passcode, either hit "Enter" on the keyboard OR click the on-screen "Sign In" button, and it takes me to my Accounts Overview page, as it should.

Don't know quite what's going on, and I haven't approached BofA website support about it.  But I wanted to let you know that the on-screen buttons that weren't functioning are functioning now (thank you!).  Just be ready for that extra step!


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Thank you for bringing up this information. We will look it up and add this information for data gatherings to help resolve this known issue.


Paolo M.
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Hi, Paolo --

You're very welcome.  If I encounter any other developments, I'll post them on this thread.  Have a good weekend.

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