I backed up my e-mail using MSN Explorer and would like to restore it, what should I do?
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Method 1: This method will restore all the MSN e-mail you backed up to your My Documents folder.

  1. Sign in to MSN with the account that has the e-mail you want to back up 

  1. On the Help & Settings menu, click Settings 

  1. Click Change your E-mail Settings 

  1. Click Import or Export e-mail, copy e-mail, or import contacts 

  1. Click Copy E-mail, then click Next 

  1. Select Open your saved MSN e-mail 

  1. The Save As dialog box will show a default location of

    C:\Documents and Settings\ [user name] \My Documents. Do not change this path. Click Next, then click Done

    Note: E-mail messages restored through this method are saved in the Stored Messages folder under Folders on My Computer.


Method 2: This method will let you select the e-mail messages you want to restore from a folder on your desktop.

  1. Sign in to MSN with the account that has the e-mail you want to back up. If you can’t get online, select the Work Offline option before you sign in.  

  1. Click the Mail & More button 

  1. Open the MSN Mail folder that you want to restore e-mail to.  

  1. Resize the MSN window so that you can see the Saved E-mail folder on the desktop.  

  1. On the desktop, double-click the Saved E-mail folder.  

  1. Drag the e-mail messages that you want to restore from the Saved E-mail folder to the MSN Mail folder you opened in Step Three.