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Update my Credit Card Information
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You can update your Credit Card expiration date and/or add a new Credit Card on your account online.

1. Open a browser and go to http://commerce.microsoft.com , sign into the Billing and Account Management website with your e-mail address and password.


2. Under Your payment methods, click Edit payment method information.

Note: If you do not see "Edit payment method information" on the Billing home page, first click on your payment method, then click Go to payment method information, and then click Edit payment method information.


3. On the Edit payment method information page, enter the updated credit card expiration date, and then click Save. You will receive a Your billing information has been updated message if the expiration date has been updated successfully.


If you need further assistance, please click here or visit https://support.msn.com/default.aspx?productkey=msnclientphone for phone contact information.